How to sell wine online

Online purchases for standardized or well described consumer products like books, technology, clothes or tools are well established and even the online market for furniture is growing. But how about wine? How do you convey your message to the growing number of internet customers?

Offline, the most important buying criteria is the buying experience itself. A personal wine tasting, a thoughtful and individual recommendation of a wine connoisseur, the winemakers character and philosophy or a visit of the winery make offline wine purchases a special experience. So why should you give up on these distinguishing elements, which give your winery a special edge, in the online world and purely rely on your brand reputation and your beautiful packaging design? You create a unique wine. Let’s create a unique virtual buying experience to convey your message, reach new customers and create online customer loyalty.

You are special

We tell your story and create an online sales and post-sales experience, which helps you to build personal relationships, to share insights and knowledge with your customers and to interact in a new fashion.

  • Interactive online storytelling through design, creation and integration of professional multimedia content to introduce your winery and your distinction to the online community
  • Preparation and visualization of your wine information to comprehensibly explain the special character of your wines and their origin by e.g. integrating your sensor data
  • High quality 360° photography and virtual tour of your vineyard locations, your cellars and your winery to create an “almost there” feeling
  • Creation of video wine tastings to introduce your portfolio and enable virtual post-sales experiences
  • Extension of your labels and brochures with virtual information to share more and always current information
  • Take all above and join Bottled Stories, our new wine experience platform, which provides customers with an exceptional post-sales experience, featuring selected wines and their individual stories


360 degree winery / vineyard photography

Stunning landscape photography

Interactive Virtual Tours – Demo

Appealing scenery photography

Bottled Stories

We plan to launch a unique online wine experience platform and marketplace that presents selected wines in a whole new way. Give your sales an extra boost and be among the first wineries we feature. There is a story in every bottle, and we are here to tell yours.