Smart vineyard technology

You know your vineyard best, that’s for sure. But changing climate conditions with earlier warm periods in spring, extraordinarily warm summer months with low precipitation and earlier harvesting present new challenges to winegrowers globally. In addition to that, continuous quality and process optimization, proper planning and adoption to latest developments keep your company competitive.

Smart technologies can help you keep an eye on the climatic variation and its impact to your business, optimize your operations and manage risk more easily. For more information about available solutions and what they can do for you, have a look into our journal or simply contact us.


Depending on your vineyard and workforce size, there are multiple benefits that digital vineyard solutions can provide:

  • Reduce pesticide application, related costs and environmental impact through an improved understanding of your climatic conditions
  • Reduce inspection visits on your different vineyard sites
  • Ensure immediate notification in case of need through pre-defined alerts
  • Save water due to transparency on the actual irrigation status of your soil
  • Organize protective measures more coordinately due to transparency on the actual temperature in nights with increased risk of frost
  • Save time coordinating work and workforce via online planning and mobile communication, using existing smartphones
  • Speed up your documentation of processes, work status, applied plant protection products and quantities by vineyard location
  • Optimize your cost-controlling through complete cost documentation across manual and mechanical work input and material input by vineyard location
  • Advance your marketing with insightful data and attract new data-savvy customers

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Our services

We at DigitalWine have been among the early adopters for smart vineyard technologies and we are happy to share our experiences with you. Whether you would just like to learn more about your options to digitalize your operations or you need technical assistance: We’re here to help with

  • Consulting: Overview of available hardware and software solutions, discussion of advantages & disadvantages and recommendation according to your specific requirements
  • Sourcing: Purchase of sensor equipment and software subscriptions from international vendors
  • Technical installation: Identification of the optimal location for your IoT sensor station, setup of an optimized data network between your vineyard locations and your winery either as single company solution or in collaboration between partnering wineries.
  • Software setup: Installation and setup of your selected software with connection to your existing ERP system, if required.
  • Training: Education of your team, how to use the data and respective insights at your best.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing support of your hardware and software installation for seamless operation.

Spotlight on: eVineyard

From all cloud based and smart vineyard management solutions, eVineyard is probably the most complete one. Besides prediction of the likelihood of diseases and respective spraying recommendations, irrigation management, GPS tracking for automated worklog entries and a proactive alert system, eVineyard offers a complete back office suite for managing your tasks, organizing your workers and documenting your regulatory records.